Diagnosing Cancer with Machine Learning

Latest presentation August 2015 at Madison+ Ruby, Madison, WI, USA; previous June 2015 at Ruby Nation Silver Spring, MD, USA; and February 2015 at RubyFuza, Cape Town, South Africa


Computational intelligence is the art of building artificial intelligence with software. We’ve all reached for metaphors and stories to explain and model difficult concepts in OOP. Let’s dive into models and show how to build a classifier to predict a cancer diagnosis with high accuracy. Lastly we’ll discuss a non-deterministic way of thinking about software, and what the impact could be for what we believe are intelligent machines.

View Slideshow, watch the video, and get the ML code, and the web app code

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The code for this talk is purely demonstrational. The purpose of the talk was to appeal to Ruby developers and show you can create an ML model that does something relatively complex in even a language like Ruby, to show that ML is in fact accessible.

Questions? I’d be humbled and happy to help.