Platform45: Our Agile Design & Development Journey

August 2017, Agile Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa

Presentation speakers notes & ideology co-created with Adam Sachs. All Design Credit to Emijl de Kock.


This is Platform45’s journey to embracing change in our business through the Agile values and principles. We have learnt to inspect and adapt on every level.

We have learnt that when we are real and intentional about realizing Agile values and principles in our business, that everyone is aligned and we are able to design practices around a shared vision of what we want the company to be.

This presentation exists not to be an authoritative source of how to apply Agile, but rather a story of our journey: mistakes made & lessons learned. If there is anything you take away from this talk is that you should avoid some of the things we tried - and try other things for yourself.

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